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Fees are based on the services provided and are comparable to those charged by similar specialists in the area. A list of fees for all services is available upon request. It is important that patients have a clear understanding of their financial responsibilities and this office’s policies. Please call the business office with any questions regarding fees, payments, or financial problems.


Insurance coverage varies and each patient is handled individually. It is important to bring insurance forms with you. It is especially important to bring HMO authorization or precertification forms as this will prevent delays. Our staff will submit all insurance forms on your behalf. However, Major Medical must be submitted by the patient – the insurer makes payment directly to the patient. Patients covered by commercial insurance plans are responsible for the full amount of the charges. It is important for you to know what and how much your insurance plan covers. Most plans will cover outpatient testing. Some Blue Shield plans do not cover consultations and office visits. Many HMO plans cover authorized office visits, but request that a co-payment be paid at the time of the service.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Many Medicare and private insurers cover colon cancer screening. Please check your specific insurer or employer benefits manager to see if your policy includes coverage.

STANDARD ~ Most Major PPO Insurance

  • Medicare/Medi-cal
  • Blue Cross
  • Covered California
  • Health Net PPO
  • Blue Shield
  • AETNA/United Healthcare

Preferred HMO

  • Chaffey medical group
  • Regal medical group
  • Primecare medical group
  • Caremore medical group
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